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Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 10] – Intermediate Korean (Listening Practice)

Are you preparing for the TOPIK test, a government Korean test, or a Korean test at school? Then let me help you prepare with my video series focused on Korean test questions and explanations.

This episode will cover an example of an intermediate level listening question. More episodes to come soon!

And feel free to send me requests for videos you'd like to see. There are also higher request priorities through my Patreon page. Thanks for watching~!

Don't read below if  you want to try the problem on your own first.

Here is the listening example from the video:

민우야 이모랑 놀러 갈까? 동물원은 어때? 동물원엔 토끼도 있고 코끼리도 있어. 맛있는 솜사탕도 있고 풍선도 아주 많아. 오늘은 싫어? 그럼 공원 갈까? 공원엔 친구들도 많고 나무도 많아. 신나게 뛰어다녀도 돼. 음, 이것도 아니야? 그럼 등산하러 갈까? 아니다. 이건 민우한텐 힘들 것 같아. 그래? 등산이 제일 좋다고? 알았어. 지금 운동화 신고 나가자.

Here's the English translation:

Min-woo, do you want to go play with your aunt? How about the zoo? The zoo has rabbits and also elephants. There’s also delicious cotton candy and a lot of balloons. You don’t want to today? Then should we go to the park? There are a lot of friends at the park, and a lot of trees. You can run around as much as you’d like. Hmm, not that either? Then do you want to go hiking? No. I think that’d be difficult for you. Yeah? Hiking would be best? Okay. Let’s put on our shoes and go.

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