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New Beginner Korean Video Course... for Free

Want to learn Korean, but don't know where to start? You first need some sort of curriculum - a textbook or a course will work - so that you can learn things in the right order. How about something completely free?

Here are the first ten episodes to my new free beginner Korean course, taught by me. The first episode covers exactly what the course will teach, how much you'll learn, and how to get the most out of each lesson.

You'll start by learning the alphabet, 한글, and continue up to a basic conversational level (CEFR A1).

There will be two new episodes in this series posted every week. Here are the first ten episodes.

6 thoughts on “New Beginner Korean Video Course... for Free

  • So if say, you're on the bus with an acquaintance you aren't so close with (let's say a coworker), you both get off at the same stop then your homes are both in different directions so you say goodbye and both go, would you both say 안녕히 가세오?

    • Billy

      Only if you're both leaving from the same spot, then sure. But that sort of thing isn't going to happen often, since you'd probably say your greetings before you step off the bus if you know each other.

  • Taylor

    oh my god I'd be 23 in Korea. that's horrifying im only 21....

  • big Thank you Billy! just started learning Korean, your videos are so helpful!

  • Video # 5 is unavailable

    • It's in the playlist, just won't show on this post. I just re-uploaded it.


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