Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 15] – Beginner Korean (Listening Practice)

Want to test your Korean? Here's a beginner-level Korean listening practice. Note that this doesn't mean a l0w-beginner would be able to solve it, but more like someone who's already...

Korean Sentence Connectors Part 2 (~서, ~니까, ~때문에) | Live Class Abridged

This is an abridged version of the live stream covering sentence connectors, and is part 2 of the previous video. This episode covers ~서, ~니까, ~때문, ~덕분, and more.

Tasting Korea’s Spicy Chicken Feet | 닭발

Chicken feet?! I'd heard that Korea sold chicken feet many years ago as a popular snack - served spicy - but didn't know it was actually a "thing" that young...

Korean Sentence Connectors (~고, ~지만, ~는데 & ~은/ㄴ데) | Live Class Abridged

This is the abridged version of the live stream Korean class about the connectors ~고, ~지만, and ~은/ㄴ데.

Do You Need to Live in Korea to Learn Korean?

What do you think? Do you need to be in Korea to learn Korean? How about to a fluent level? I debated this together with Sean Pablo, a fellow YouTuber...