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We Got Lost in Korea's Back Streets of Euljiro (을지로) | feat. Noealz

I had the honor of meeting with the popular street photographer Noealz. To try something new, I asked him to give me a tour around 을지로 (Euljiro) in Seoul, an old area that used to be (and in many ways still is) the manufacturing heart of Korea. It's been around and in use since the Korean war, and you can really get a feeling of old Korea when you're there - especially in the alleyways where we visited.

And since I was going to be spending the day with a photographer, I wanted to also see if he could help me improve my photography. I'm interested in getting better camera skills for my regular videos, and think improving my photography skills could help me with my video cinematography skills. Noealz gave me a tour of the area, talked about its history and about the plans to tear the whole area down, and coached me on some photography tips.

You can find Noealz on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/noealzii/ and on Twitter https://twitter.com/noealz

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