Download the audio content for "Korean Made Simple" for free!

Special thanks to my friend Jeremy from and the YouTube channel MotivateKorean for helping to arrange native Korean speakers to record the audio of the book. I couldn't have made the audio files if it weren't for him and his native speaking Korean acquaintances who took on the assignment.

Here's what you get:

  • Approximately two hours of Korean content from the three books, recorded by native speakers.
  • Hangul practice sections (Korean Made Simple 1)
    • Introduction to Hangul
    • More Hangul
    • Introduction to Sound Changes
  • Every chapter conversation from all three books (Korean Made Simple 1, 2, and 3).

These audio files were made to be used together with "Korean Made Simple" 1, 2, and 3.

The files have been carefully created to be used both while at home, and while out and about. You can listen to them while studying at your desk, commuting to work, or during exercise.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me through this web site, my YouTube channel, and these books. I look forward to continue teaching and creating new lessons and videos.

Click here to download the audio files for "Korean Made Simple."

Click here to download the audio files for "Korean Made Simple 2."

Click here to download the audio files for "Korean Made Simple 3."

  • Jess Reply

    Hi Billy! My boyfriend just purchased your first book to help me learn Korean. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to make these books and provide your wonderful Youtube content! I started learning Hangul from your channel. Judging from the general reviews on Amazon, I'm super excited to start studying with Korean Made Simple! Can't wait to see your future books/projects~

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Thanks for your support! If you can, I'd love if you could leave a review for it on Amazon (reviews are really hard to get). I'm also here for any questions, although I recommend posting questions to Twitter or YouTube for the fastest response. I'm often available for things like that and enjoy helping people learn 🙂 And good luck in your studies~! This'll be your first step down a long and fun road.

  • Vivian Lee Reply

    Hi Billy - Would be possible to add in the Audio file also the pronunciation of all the sentences/worlds in the chapter? Not only the dialog - Also will be nice if we could go back and forth to each sentence/word without starting the chapter from scratch. Cheers V

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      It's possible but it would be very expensive for me to hire that amount of work, so I can't do that currently. But you can check the pronunciation of any word on (Naver's dictionary) online and all of them are accurate pronunciations.

  • Paul Reply

    In your opinion what is the best way to learn Korean alphabet. I have several books that shows the writing but I have been looking for just audio sound for the alphabet because i have to see and hear the sound the correct way to say it as i write them do you have any suggestion.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      My books also come with free audio for all of the alphabet sounds. You can find the audio download links on the side of this web site~

  • Katerina Reply

    Is there a CD with the book or I need to download the audio files?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      You need to download them. All of the audio files are organized into tracks, so you can easily create a CD or put them on your phone or stream them from anywhere.

  • Norie Reply

    I really love ure books it's helps me a lot. Im just asking if u're books are selling in a bookstore here at the Philippines. I wanna but it also

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Yes, they ship to the Philippines too. You can order the book with free shipping from

  • Trang Reply

    Hi, Billy, your book looks good. I want to study your book after graduating from my program. I can't wait to see. Do you have ebook?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Yes, you can find the eBooks on the same page as my book on this web site.

  • Sandara Msa Reply

    please how can I get Your books free??😭😭

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      I'm not currently able to offer them for free (because they cost so much money for me to hire editors/illustrators and to publish), but sometimes my books go on sale at Amazon/Kindle/etc. I also create free separate lessons with downloadable PDFs frequently on my YouTube channel (and available through this web site), so you can check those out anytime.

  • Vanessa Reply

    Your books are so darn good! Don't change a thing. I love foreign languages and wish the other languages had books like yours. I've bought just about every beginner Korean book out there, and your series is hands-down the main one I use to learn Korean (as for the other books I bought, I use them as secondary sources after finishing up your first book). I appreciate how you separate sections into small chunks and you explain the grammar so well. I'm so glad you stopped romanization early on because it is unnatural and an unnecessary distraction (and it's lazy). I have all of your three books and just started the second one. I would buy all of your future books without hesitation. One suggestion is to think about writing some Korean readers for beginners- there is a severe lack out there except for some intermediate and advanced readers.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Thanks for the nice comment! While I don't plan to release a 4th "Korean Made Simple," I am working on different books/projects for the future. If you wouldn't mind, could you leave a review for the book on Amazon? These days I'm trying to get some more recent reviews of the book. Either way, take care and good luck with your studies~!

  • Michelle Reply

    Hi,I can't download the free audio files.I tried on Windows, iPad,android.Nothing.Please help.Thank you.

  • jessica Reply

    Will there be a fourth book?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Probably not a 4th book for this series unless the 3rd book sells well, but I'll likely do other books for learning Korean in the future. We'll see 🙂

  • Bridgette Reply

    I bought your book and was loving it but was sad there were no audio files until i found this! Thank you. Im really enjoying learning with your instruction. You're a great teacher 🙂

  • rafael oliveira Reply

    Hello, i can use these audios for my personal(a gamified web platform for learning languages) project who have the objective to teach Korean for Brazilians?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      If they're not being used to make money, that's fine. My content is licensed under (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

  • Jana Reply

    I want to thank you so much for all the books, all the audio files and all the hardwork you've done. I deeply respect you (like a person who have done a lot and also as a teacher)-and I also respect your ancestors 😀 (I got that from the video how to memorize the vocabluary btw I thank for your videos too...)

  • Mew Reply

    Hi, just wondering, are there extended audio files for the vocabulary. Sometimes I feel like my pronounciation is not on point :/ thank you

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      If you're looking for pronunciation of every vocabulary word, definitely check out Naver's dictionary ( If you type in any Korean word, there's a little speaker icon next to the word that you can click and listen to the pronunciation. These were recorded by actual natives, so you can trust their accuracy.

  • Anna Clara Cabral Reply

    Thank you so much for all your work! I can understand you even tho I am brazilian.You teach so nicely!

  • Jan willem Reply

    Great Billy! This is exactly what I was missing sofar with your books. You are the best 한굴 teacher I know, keep on going!

    Cheers from Ulsan, 연 (dutch)

  • Budiman Reply

    Could I know the size the files? I can't download it because the size is unknown, my data packet is limited. Is there other link to download, the link that can be to resumed?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      The compressed file size is currently 47 megabytes (for books 1 and 2). That'll be a bit larger later this year once the third book is released.

  • Amy Reply

    I'm having trouble downloading the files as well. The download keeps on failing or it can't parse the response. It's really weird because the status of the download says that theres ? of the file size. I've tried downloading it in other browsers and it's doing the same thing.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      You can try attempting it again after awhile (the file works) - it might be your internet connection that's having issues with the file. If you're not able to download it though, send me a message on my Contact form and I'll send it to you by email. Maybe your internet will have better luck downloading it from there instead.

  • Fenia Reply

    i just bought the book.. thanks for the audio xD

  • Samantha Reply

    I can not download the audio files I'm not sure why.could you help me?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      The files are working correctly, but if you're having any trouble downloading, some people have suggested that trying a different browser could work. You can also try to download the files from another computer.

  • Heli Reply

    Just as a quick note for anyone else having trouble with downloading the audio files, try using a different browser. I was unable to download them using Chrome but it worked fine in Firefox 🙂

    Thanks Billy! I think these will help a ton with my pronunciation!

  • Phillip Reply

    Thank you for the audio files. I have both books and can't wait for the third book. I only wish you had the vocabulary words as audio files as well. That would have really completed the whole set! Thanks for all of your hard work.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Thanks Phillip! I didn't add audio since there's already a better way to hear the words. If you go to (Naver dictionary) and type in any word, it will have the pronunciation next to it. There's also a speaker icon next to each word that you can click and hear what it sounds like. All of them were recorded by native speakers and are all accurate 🙂

  • Jon Reply

    Billy, when is your next book coming out? I enjoyed and finished the first two and want to continue my journey in learning korean.

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Thanks Jon! I'm working on the third (and probably final one) now, though at the soonest it'll be out at the end of the year. Tons of content to add for the 3rd book 🙂

  • Charles V. Reply

    WOW! Thanks so much for the additional content Billy. Is your website looking better these days?! I feel its looking good! Thanks again bunches Billy. Looking forward to continuing to support your projects. Keep your followers up to speed okay?

  • wewa Reply

    Unable to download:

    Fatal error: [...edited...]

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Yes, for anyone who had difficulty downloading the file, go ahead and try it again. I think too many people were downloading at once, lol. But it should be fine now 🙂

      • wewa Reply

        jetpack fail...

        • Billy
          Billy Reply

          I've tested it just now again and the download should be working fine. Try to download on another computer if you can. But if you're still having problems downloading the file, then send me a message and I'll gladly email you the file as an attachment 🙂

  • Yanson Reply

    Thanks for the hard work Billy! I am having trouble downloading the audio files though - it always say "Fatal error". Too many people trying at the same time?

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Yeah, the server was getting hiccups from so many downloads, but it should be fine now 🙂

  • Kim Reply

    Thank you for the audio files! I appreciate that you are so hard-working even though you did not reach the funds to make it! That says a lot about you as a person and I am glad to support you 🙂 I do have a suggestion- maybe make it so the speakers not sound so dead? I know they are speaking slow on purpose so that we can hear a conversation, but in reality we wouldn't hear them speak in monotone. Maybe they can speak in a normal, but still considered a slow pace by native koreans, the first time? That way, when we have conversations with koreans, we'll be able to distinguish/recognize the normal tonal up's and down's that comes with any language.

    That's just my opinion though. Thank you for all you do Billy! Hopefully I'll bump into you someday since I live in the San Gabriel valley and Ktown is not too far away from me 😉

    • Billy
      Billy Reply

      Haha, thank you! As for the speaking, the first time they say things is more of a normal tone. The second time was really just meant to be for practicing pronunciation (not intonation), so that's why it sounds a lot more monotone. I didn't want learners to memorize a word's intonation, but only to memorize the pronunciation, since intonation changes depending on the sentence. Intonation, however, will require another lesson to learn, since that's a whole other topic 🙂 (I think I've got an idea now for a new video, haha). Thanks again~

  • Atte Reply

    Thank you!! This will help a lot with pronunciation.

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