Learn Korean Ep. 91: Changing Action Verbs to Adjectives (Part 1 of 2)

Keykat got me some chocolates as a gift! How nice of her! I can't wait to try them. But something's a bit fishy about this whole thing....

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  • Tim Barrett Reply

    This was exactly what I needed. This is hard to get. With the short sentences they say in English: The car that I am driving is fast. In Korean: I driving car is fast. I was wondering why they didn't say in English: I am driving a car that is fast. That way it would be easier to transcribe in direct word order and not so mind boggling. How ever I can see that in longer sentences my solution would not work and the grammar point is needed and so important and...grrhh%$#^ fun to practice :-). Thanks for your help....my teacher says its not just me who finds this difficult to wrap my head around...looking forward to part 2!

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