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~내다 "Completing" | Live Class Abridged

The ~내다 form is an intermediate level grammar form that's attached to the end of verbs to mean that something is completed. Specifically, it means that someone completed something by their own effort, and after going through some difficulty.

Last Sunday (1-9-2022) I taught a full classroom about this form live on my YouTube channel. Here's the shortened version of that lesson, at just 10 minutes.

One thought on “~내다 "Completing" | Live Class Abridged

  • Melvin Dinglasan

    Hi Sir I want to learn more about korean lessons .I am having a hard time to find an online class .I tried to register in your yt channel but it didnot matched on my personal information .I dont know why .I just want to be updated in your class.So maybe someday I can learn intermediate lessons😄 and be able to speak well in korean.I am currently living here in Gimpo and working as a factory worker .So speaking korean is a must for me everyday.


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