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~다(가) 보면 "If you keep..." | Live Class Abridged

The grammar form ~다 보면 itself is an intermediate level verb ending and sentence connector used to mean "If you keep doing" something, but using it often requires other knowledge of several grammar forms, so I would probably classify it as more useful in the advanced level.

~다 보면 is also often compared with ~다가는, but these two forms are very different despite having similar English translations. We also very briefly compared ~다 보면 with ~다 보니까.

2 thoughts on “~다(가) 보면 "If you keep..." | Live Class Abridged

  • Neelisha Nakul Jakate

    Im from india
    And currently i m doing my bachelor's in science physics i wanted to know if i want to apply for my master's or PhD in Korean university like for my field i have koean university yonsei university Seoul university
    And maybe two three more but this r my priorities
    So basically what is the follow up i need to know beforehand ..
    Or some other things which i should consider

    • Billy

      Sorry but I've never attended a university in Korea before.


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