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이따가 and 있다가 – What’s the Difference? | Korean FAQ

Long time no see, "Korean FAQ" series! I filmed this last year actually, right after making the video where I gave a Korean test to Koreans in Seoul.

Well after that video I got this comment:

I though you couldn't say "좀 이따"

'좀 이따가 갈게'는 '좀 조금 지난 뒤에 볼게'라는 의미가 되어 '조금'이라는 의미가 중복됩니다. 그러나 '이따가 보자'라는 표현은 가능합니다.  결론적으로 '좀'과 함께 쓰실 때에는 '좀 있다가 갈게'라고 쓰시면 됩니다"

[That] is what I found online o.O So is it 좀 이따 or 좀 있다?

So that led me to re-research this topic and share my findings.

What's the difference between 있다가 and 이다가? When should one or the other be used? Are they even both correct? Find out in my new episode here~

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