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추어탕 도전 먹방 Korean Food Challenge – Mudfish Soup

CHU-EO-TANG (추어탕) is soup made from mudfish. Mudfish are small, long fish that smell a bit. But I'm no stranger to eating fish, so when I heard that visitors to Korea often avoid eating it, I decided I had to give it a try.

I went together with my friend 소영 to try it for our first time. You can get it as either ground or whole mudfish. For this video, we tried the ground-up mudfish soup. Next time I'll definitely get the whole mudfish in my soup. And you eat it together with other toppings such as chives and ground perilla seeds. I'd recommend giving it a try, as long as you like fish. It does have a nice fishy flavor which some people could dislike - but that I love.

Check out our adventure eating mudfish soup here~

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