A Faster Way to Learn Korean Numbers | Tutoring My Brother

Are you learning the numbers in Korean for your first time? Well my brother Alex is. I thought of a way to teach him the number system a bit more quickly than usual, so we were able to learn both Sino-Korean and Pure Korean numbers in just under a half hour. It worked great! And afterward he was able to use them (simply) to count, and use the counters that we'd learned.

This is a quick introduction to Korean numbers for beginners, and therefore we skipped a lot of in-depth stuff like counters, but it should still be a good intro for people who are learning numbers for their first time.

Check out the video here~!

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    Lola Wright Reply

    I'm in high school, and I remember watching Richie Rich over and over again when I was younger! That was one of the pillars of my young childhood. Ah, memories.

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