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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #100​: Finding Your Way

At some point, if you travel to Korea without a tour group you're likely going to get lost, or you'll need to ask for help finding somewhere. We can ask several things related to this, such as how to say you're confused or that you don't understand, using only what we've learned in this course.

I'll also explain what things you can do after this course is over to continue your language journey.

Remember that this series goes in order, so start from the beginning even if you're not a new beginner. Everything builds on the previous episodes, so if you go in order you'll be able to make it up to here and beyond. This is the final episode (100) of the series.

7 thoughts on “Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #100​: Finding Your Way

  • Hangul is not esay,is there any way to master them faster

    • Isn't Hangeul the easiest alphabet in the world? You can learn its letters for less than a day. How is this not easy and fast already?

      • If you start watching the series, it teaches the alphabet in the first several lessons. The rest of the series is for the language (not about learning the alphabet).

  • Robin Fritche

    It would be really nice if there were a way to easily reach the beginning of this course. It's fine for the most recent addition to be visible for people who were following along when they were being posted, but for me I'm having a very difficult time getting to lesson number one. I did searches and came up with nothing. That is really discouraging me from using this resource. Please remedy this.

    • Billy

      There's a link to the entire playlist in the video description 🙂

      • Can't seem to find it! I thought it was only me, but it seems other people are having the same problem. I have to keep clicking back the pages every time to get to the lesson I am learning.


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