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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #26: The Subject Marker

This episode of the Beginner Korean Course covers how to use the Subject Marker (이 or 가), and also how to tell the difference between it and the Topic Marker (은 or 는).

This topic is a very in-depth topic in Korean, and this video is only meant to serve as an introduction to their differences.

2 thoughts on “Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #26: The Subject Marker

  • Arthur R Arroyo

    thank you, Billy; I've bought your books, the three of them. I just started studying for at least an hour or two daily about a month ago. I love Korean and I appreciate these videos you're emailing me. I'm beginning to love Korean and the way it sounds. thank you again so much for your help. I've taught languages myself: English, Spanish and French, and I'm usually wary of teachers who are not native speakers, but I see that you are exceptional and most helpful!

    • Thanks for the comment and good luck in your studies~! I'm always here if you need me 🙂


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