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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #86: The Plain Form

In this lesson we'll learn about the Plain Form. What is the Plain Form? Why do we need to use it? When do we need to use it? This episode will answer all of those questions. In the next lessons, we'll start to use it and see how it's so essential to making sentences.

For those of you who are seeing this series for their first time, I highly recommend starting from the beginning (even if you're not new to Korean) if you plan to follow along with this series. There will be a total of 100 episodes in this series, and they all go in order from the very beginning.

2 thoughts on “Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #86: The Plain Form

  • Jennie

    Are these lessons going to be available in pdf or print format once you've completed the 100 classes?

    • Billy

      No, it's just a video series so everything is in the videos themselves. A lot of things are shown, or spoken, so just the slides don't have 100% of the info in the course.


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