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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #89: I Think So

Since we previously learned about the Plain Form, now we can start using it with other grammar forms.

In this lesson we'll learn how we can use the Plain Form to say what it is we're thinking.

We're almost done with this series! There will be 100 episodes when it's completed, and we're at 89%.

2 thoughts on “Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #89: I Think So

  • Jennie Clark "atourage"

    I asked this previously but don't remember where I posted it so have no idea whether it was answered so once again...will pdfs of the full 100 beginners classes be available once all have aired on YouTube? (Taking note of where I am posting this question now.)

    • Billy

      There aren't any PDFs for the "Beginner Korean Course" - it's just the video series in itself. The reason is not all of the information is on the slides, or just in my narration. If I were to provide the slides as PDFs, you'd still be missing a bit of the extra explanations I occasionally give when talking about topics.


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