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Can a Real K-POP Group Teach Me How To Dance? | (feat. PURPLE BECK 퍼플백)

Definitely the most unique interview I've ever done. The newly debuted K-pop group "PURPLE BECK" hung out with me and taught me how to dance.

How did this all happen? I met them while doing a live stream at the annual "Korean Speaking Contest" hosted at Kyunghee University. They were performing there and I was able to say hi and ask them a few questions. Later I was messaging their manager to wish them good luck, and it turned out that he knew about my channel and wanted to collaborate with me somehow. So I suggested, "how about I dance together with them?"

I am not a dancer. But that wasn't going to stop me from meeting a real K-pop group and interviewing them... in Korean of course.

Are you already a fan of PURPLE BECK? I know they already have a lot of fans outside of Korea (several tens of thousands actually), but are generally still unknown within Korea because they're brand new. I'm hoping that they'll be successful and am looking forward to what they put out next.

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