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Can You Learn Korean While Asleep? | Korean FAQ

Learn Korean While Asleep. Learning Korean While Sleeping. Have you come across any videos claiming this in their title, but wonder whether or not they could actually work? Or at the very least have you wondered if they have any merit to them at all.

Many people click these videos (as you can see by the number of views some of them have), figuring "Well at least it doesn't waste any of my time, and if it works I'll learn something!" However, there's a reason why this sort of video even exists, and I'll explain this in my video.

I share an anecdote about how I and many other people have learned things while sleeping, talk about why it's not possible to actually learn while asleep (Wait, did I just contradict myself? No. You'll see in the video.), and explain some of the science behind sleep and the human brain.

Before watching the video, what do you think? Is it possible? Have you tried it before? Watch the video and let me know your comments!

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