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Extremely Large Korean Numbers (억, 조, 경, 해…) | Korean FAQ

Most of the time when you're counting things, you can get away with only using 십, 백, 천, and 만. For really large numbers, 억 is your friend (100,000,000). But beyond that, you'll rarely (if ever) find yourself using. However, if you start reading articles about economics, or learn biology, or physics, or mathematics and other fields where you'll need very large numbers, these won't be enough. So let's talk about everything above 억.

In this lesson we'll cover the numbers (all of them), starting with 십, and going up to 백, 천, 만, 억, 조, 경, 해, 자, 양, 구, 간, 정, 재, 극, 항하사, 아승기, 나유타, 불가사의, 무량(대)수, and up to 구골 (googol).

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