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How to Learn Korean with K-Pop (and Korean Music)

These days, more and more people around the world have started learning Korean.

Why? There are many reasons. One of the most common reasons I hear is that they started learning Korean after becoming interested in K-Pop and Korean music. Personally, I'm super excited that so many more people are starting to learn Korean and becoming interested in Korea.

No matter your reason for learning Korean, I want to support you in your journey. So I created this video as a guide for learning Korean through K-Pop. While I don't think that K-Pop is the best way to learn Korean, I also don't think it's useless either. There are ways to benefit from using Korean music when studying, which I'll talk about in this video.

Check it out here~! And good luck in your studies!

2 thoughts on “How to Learn Korean with K-Pop (and Korean Music)

  • Clark Coleman

    The Kpop parody was exceptional! You have a real talent for imitating a wide variety of people and writing funny scripts. Your talents extend far beyond merely Korean. I think if a younger Eddie Murphy spoke Korean, kept his routines clean and made youtube videos, those videos would look a lot like yours!

    • Well I can't imagine Eddie Murphy doing clean comedy 😛 but I appreciate the comment. Thank you! I've got some more fun videos planned in the future.


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