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How to Make a Korean Study Notebook

Everyone who's studying Korean has some sort of notebook or system that they use for writing down what they're learning - most of the time it's a notebook or several notebooks. When studying grammar or writing down notes and example sentences, there's no substitute for a good study notebook.

And everyone has their own method for making a study notebook and keeping it organized. This is to be expected, because everyone learns in their own ways. And if you have something that already works, keep using it. However, I wanted to make a video that could give some general tips for making a study notebook, for those of you who might not have one or who want some advice.

These are my own personal tips for how to make and organize a Korean study notebook. This video includes all of the methods that I have used before, and which ones worked well for me.

If you do things differently, do let me know in a comment here or below the video. Thanks for watching!

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