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How to Ride the Bus in Korea | Getting Around in Korea

I learned how to ride the subway and train while living in Korea, through lots of trial and error. The bus is no different, but it took a lot more trial and error than the other methods.

No matter where you visit in Korea, there will be some sort of bus system. Although how well it works will depend often on the population of that city. Even when I visit smaller cities, there has been a bus system. But a bus system is only useful if you know how to use it, and because I didn't understand how it worked well I often ended up just walking or taking the subway or some other means of transportation more often. But with a lot of trial and error, and a lot of time, I eventually learned how to ride the bus well enough to rely on it. So I wanted to make a video with all of my tips I've learned throughout many years, to hopefully help some people who would also like to use it during their next trip to Korea.

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