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How to Say “To Wear” | Korean FAQ

This video includes all of the most common and most important ways to say "to wear" in Korean.

The simplest way to say "to wear" is with the verb 입다, but 입다 doesn't include "wearing" every type of clothing - it only is for "wearing" items of clothing that cover your body, such as shirts or pants. For things such as hats that are worn on your head, or things worn on your face like masks or glasses, you'd use the verb 쓰다. And for things that you wear on your feet, such as socks and shoes, you'd use 신다 (pronounced "신따"). And then depending on what you're wearing, you might run into more verbs like 착용(을) 하다, 두르다, 하다 ("to do"), 차다, 끼다, 메다, 매다, and more. This video will also share some common verbs used for taking things off, such as 벗다, 빼다, and 풀다.

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  • Eleanor Price

    This is very interesting! So many differences for different items. I appreciate this instruction.


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