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I Never Had Ddeokbokki This SPICY | 신전 떡볶이 처음 먹은 미국인의 리액션

What's the spiciest 떡볶이 you've ever tried? Did you like it?

떡볶이 by default is spicy. In fact I'd argue 떡볶이 that isn't spicy isn't very good either. Spiciness is part of the experience, so 떡볶이 should be spicy - but how spicy depends on everyone's individual preference.

I'd heard about 신전 떡볶이 (not sponsored) and that it tastes kind of like spicy curry flavored 떡볶이, so I wanted to try it. My friend Kenny also had never tried it before, so we got some together - a very large order - and tried to see how far we could get.

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