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I tried to find out about my grandfather at the War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념관)

The "War Memorial of Korea," which is located in Seoul, is more than it appears on the outside. And even on the outside, this place is HUGE. It's a gigantic three-story building surrounded by statues (which themselves are also more memorials). But it's even bigger on the inside of the building.

Each floor covers a separate part of the war. The bottom level was our favorite, which showed historical wars. Some of the ancient war information was really interesting, as you can see in this video. The second level was specifically the Korean War, and the third level was related to the UN.

I visited together with 샘물 from the channel "Your Korean Saem," and we spent over two hours exploring the memorial - barely even seeing half of what it had to offer. If you're planning to visit this memorial make sure to allow at least two hours to walk around briefly, or more if you'd like to stop and take a better look at some of the things on display.

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