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Korean Cold Noodles – NAENG-MYEON (냉면)

NAENG-MYEON (냉면) is Korean noodles that are served cold. It's completely normal to see large chunks of ice in your bowl. Because of this, it's a great meal for a hot summer day in Korea, or anywhere.

The noodles are also a bit sweet. It comes with a variety of vegetables as toppings, such as cucumbers and radish, and an egg. There are also several types of 냉면 you can get in Korea, from the kind I'll eat in this video to spicier varieties. But they're all pretty good.

And 냉면 is pretty inexpensive compared to other Korean foods. You could eat it once a week during the summer and never worry about your wallet (assuming you haven't already spent all of your money on Korean souvenirs). Check it out here~!

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