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Korean RPG: How to Ask for Directions

Here's the second episode of "Korean RPG," a series for learning quick and easy Korean words and phrases for a variety of situations.

In this week's episode, we'll cover how to ask someone for directions.

Check out the video below! You can also review using the RPG's dialogue written out underneath the video.

여기가 어디지? (yeo-gi-ga eo-di-ji?)
Where am I?

실례합니다. (sil-lye-ham-ni-da.)
Excuse me.

저는 “고물” 마을을 찾고 있습니다. (jeo-neun go-mul ma-eu-reul chat-go it-seum-ni-da.)
I'm looking for Gomul Town.

쭉 가면 사거리가 있어요. (jjuk ga-myeon sa-geo-ri-ga i-seo-yo.)
If you go straight, there’s an intersection.

거기 오른쪽에 병원이 있어요. (geo-gi o-reun-jjo-ge byeong-won-i i-seo-yo.)
There’s a hospital to the right of there.

그 병원 앞에 “고물” 마을로 가는 버스가 있어요. (geu byeong-won a-pe go-mul ma-eul-lo ga-neun beo-seu-ga i-seo-yo.)
In front of the hospital there’s a bus that goes to Gomul Town.

110번 버스예요. (110beon beo-seu-ye-yo.)
It’s the 110 bus.

알겠습니다. 감사합니다. (al-get-seum-ni-da. gam-sa-ham-ni-da.)
I see. Thank you.

생각한 거랑 좀 다른데? (saeng-gak-an geo-rang jom da-reun-de?)
It’s kind of different than I thought.

왜 아무도 없지? (wae a-mu-do eop-ji?)
Why is nobody here?

괴물이다! 어떡해! (goe-mu-ri-da! eo-tteok-ae!)
It’s a monster! Oh no!

마을에 괴물이 너무 많아! (ma-eu-re goe-mu-ri neo-mu ma-na!)
There are too many monsters in this town!

이런! 여기는 “괴물” 마을이잖아! (i-reon! yeo-gi-neun goe-mul ma-eu-ri-ja-na!)
Dang! This is “Monster” Town!

버스를 잘못 탔나 봐. 어떻게 돌아가지? (beo-seu-reul jal-mot tan-na bwa. eo-tteo-ke do-ra-ga-ji?)
I guess I took the wrong bus. How do I go back?

도망가야겠다! 택시! 택시! (do-mang-ga-ya-get-da! taek-si! taek-si!)
I gotta get out of here! Taxi! Taxi!

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