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Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 11] – Beginner Korean (Listening Practice)

Are you preparing for the TOPIK test, a government Korean test, or a Korean test at school? Then let me help you prepare with my video series focused on Korean test questions and explanations.

This episode will cover an example of an beginner level listening question. More episodes to come soon!

And feel free to send me requests for videos you'd like to see. There are also higher request priorities through my Patreon page. Thanks for watching~!

Don't read below if  you want to try the problem on your own first.

Here is the listening example from the video:

오늘 해야 할 일 중에서 빨래는 아침에 했고, 설거지는.... 아직 조금밖에 없네? 저녁 먹고 하지 뭐. 그럼 이제 해야 할 건 강아지 산책 시키기랑 시험공부하기인데.... 강아지 산책을 지금 시키고 시험공부를 나중에 하면 되겠다.

Here's the English translation:

Among the things that I have to do today, I did the laundry in the morning, and as for the dishes… there are still just a few? I’ll guess I’ll do them after I eat dinner. Then what I have to do now is walk the dog and study for a test, so I can the dog right now and study for the test later.

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