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Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 8] – Advanced Korean (Listening Practice)

Are you preparing for the TOPIK test, a government Korean test, or a Korean test at school? Then let me help you prepare with my video series focused on Korean test questions and explanations.

This episode will cover an example of an advanced level listening question. More episodes to come soon!

And feel free to send me requests for videos you'd like to see. There are also higher request priorities through my Patreon page. Thanks for watching~!

Don't read below if  you want to try the problem on your own first.

Here is the listening example from the video:

2050년 5월 5일. 오늘의 간추린 소식을 말씀드리겠습니다. 어린이 날인 오늘은 전국이 대체로 맑은 가운데 제주도에서 한때 강한 비가 내렸습니다. 10년 만에 최고로 높은 수의 관광객이 한국을 찾았습니다. 통계청은 관광객이 찾은 이유로 깨끗한 자연환경을 꼽았습니다. 부모님과 놀이공원에 놀러 나온 초등학생이 길을 잃은 강아지를 구해주었다는 훈훈한 소식입니다. 이것으로 간추린 소식을 마칩니다.

Here's the English translation:

“May 5th, 2050. Here is today’s summarized news. Today on Children’s Day while the whole country is bright and sunny, Jeju Island had strong rains for a moment. The largest number of tourists has visited Korea in 10 years. The National Statistics Office pointed out that the reason tourists had visited Korea was for its clean natural environment. Some happy news: an elementary school student who went to a park with their parents saved a lost dog. This has been today’s summarized news.”

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