Korean Test Preparation

Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 20] – Intermediate Korean (Listening Practice)

If you're preparing for a Korean test, or just want to test your Korean skill, then the "Korean Test Practice with Billy" series was made for you.

Did you get it right? What did you miss? Let me know in the comments either here or on the YouTube video.

Below is the listening example with its translation. I recommend only looking at this after you've first tried it on your own once.

Here is the listening example:

내일부터 추석 연휴인데 뭐 하세요? 저는 이번 연휴가 정말 길어서 부모님과 해외여행을 가려고요. 부모님 연세가 많으셔서 멀리는 가지 못하고 홍콩에 가기로 했어요. 작년부터 아르바이트해서 모은 돈으로 제가 비행기 표도 사고 숙소도 전부 예약했어요. 홍콩은 야경이 유명하다던데 정말 기대돼요. 처음으로 부모님과 가는 여행인데 모두 재미있는 시간 보내면 좋겠어요. 아, 버스 도착 시간이 다 됐네요. 그럼 추석 지나고 봐요.

Here's the translation in English:

The Chuseok holiday starts from tomorrow, so what will you do? For me, this holiday is really long, so I’m going on a trip overseas with my parents. My parents are old so we can’t go far, so we decided to go to Hong Kong. Using the money I saved up while working from last year, I bought plane tickets and reserved all of our places to stay. They say Hong Kong is famous for its night views, so I’m really looking forward to it. It’s my first time traveling with my parents, so I hope everyone has a fun time. Ah, it’s time for the bus to arrive. See you after Chuseok.

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