Korean Test Preparation

Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 22] – Intermediate Korean (Listening Practice)

Care to give an intermediate level test question a try? I have a few more of these "Korean Test Practice" episodes coming down the pipeline, and here's the first of them.

Did you get it right? What did you miss, or what did you do to get the correct answer? Let me know in the comments!

Below is the listening example with its translation. I recommend only looking at this after you've first tried it on your own once.

Here is the listening example:

어, 나 집에 거의 다 도착했어. 저녁 만들기 싫으니까 사 오라고? 뭐 먹고 싶은데? 치킨? 아니 어제도 치킨 먹었다며 질리지도 않아? 그래, 오늘 같이 비 오는 날에는 치킨보다는 매운 게 좋지. 나도 떡볶이 좋아. 튀김이랑 순대도 사갈게. 튀김 원하는 거 있으면 문자로 지금 보내줘. 응, 한 20분 뒤에 도착할 것 같으니까 수저랑 마실 거 준비해놓고 기다려. 끊을게.

Here's the translation in English:

Yeah, I almost arrived home. You want me to buy dinner because you don’t want to make it? What do you want to eat? Chicken? Wait, we had chicken yesterday. Aren’t you tired of it? Okay, on a rainy day like today something spicy would be better than chicken. I like ddeokbokki too. I’ll buy some fried foods and sun-dae too. If there’s a fried food you want send me a text now. Yeah, I think I’ll arrive after about 20 minutes so get the utensils and something to drink ready and wait there. Bye.

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