Korean Test Preparation

Korean Test Practice with Billy [Ep. 32] – Beginner Korean (Listening Practice)

If you're preparing for the TOPIK, or just any sort of Korean test, then this series is for you. In my "Korean Test Practice" series you can practice a variety of questions ranging from Beginner to Advanced. This week's question is for Beginner level learners.

This is the 32nd episode of this series, so if you're advanced level and you'd like to challenge yourself, why not try practicing all 32 of them in a row?

Here is the listening example:

어, 철수야 어디야? 나? 난 1시간 전에 왔는데? 너 지금 어딘데? 4번 출구? 나도 4번 출구 맞는데? 잠깐만. 나 지금 계단 위로 올라왔는데도 너 안 보여. 뭐? 4번 출구에 올라가는 계단이 없다고? 아니야, 여기 구빌리역 맞아. 신빌리역? 어, 미안. 난 구빌리역에서 만나기로 한 줄 알았어. 알았어. 그럼 우리 중간에서 보자. 신빌리역 2번 출구에서 쭉 가다 보면 구빌리역 4번 출구 나오니까. 거기 중간에 유명한 보쌈집 있어. 거기서 저녁 먹는 걸로 하자. 응. 나도 지금 그쪽으로 갈게. 알았어~. 조금 있다가 봐.

Here is the English translation:

Yeah, Chul-soo, where are you? Me? I came here an hour ago. Where are you? Exit 4? I’m also at exit 4. Wait. I’m at the top of the stairs now but I don’t see you. What? There are no stairs going up at exit 4? No, this is Old Billy Station. New Billy Station? Oh, sorry. I thought we decided to meet at Old Billy Station. Okay. Then let’s meet in the middle. If you keep going from New Billy Station exit 2, you’ll find Old Billy Station exit 4. There’s a famous bossam restaurant in the middle of there. Let’s eat dinner there. Yeah. I’ll go there now too. Okay. See you in a bit!

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