Korean Interviews

Koreans react to a non-native speaking fluent Korean

I hadn't visited the city of Busan in 13 years, since 2009 when I took a short trip there with my mom. And I hadn't done any exploring in Busan since 2007 when I used to live there. A LOT of things had changed, but one thing was still there as I remember it - the Jagalchi Fish Market (자갈치 시장). It's a giant outdoor fish market where you can actually buy things, talk with the workers, and even have them recommend fish to you. Workers were happily explaining what they were selling, and one even showed the fish directly to me.

I couldn't waste my opportunity of being in Busan again, so I wanted to interview the people in the market and watch how they'd react to me, a non-Korean, speaking in Korean. I was also able to talk with them about living in Busan, and how I used to live there too (not too far from there either).

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