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Learn Busan Dialect (부산 사투리) | Korean Dialect Special

It's here - the Busan dialect episode.

Are you interested in learning Busan dialect? Besides standard Korean, Busan dialect is the most popular dialect in South Korea. This is due to a large number of celebrities who are from Busan, as well as many famous movies and dramas that were filmed with Busan as the background. Also more recently, two of the members of BTS are from Busan and use dialect - this further pushed Busan into the public eye, among both Koreans and Korean learners from other countries.

When I lived in Korea, I first was in Busan. So I learned Busan dialect technically before learning how people spoke in Seoul. Making a video about Busan dialect has always been something on the back of my mind, so after several months of research, filming, and editing, this video is a culmination of all of that work.

If you enjoy this video as well as my other two dialect videos, then perhaps I can make this into a series and add a few other videos about dialects. So leave a comment on the video if you want more, and please share with your friends who are interested in Korea or Korean.

One thought on “Learn Busan Dialect (부산 사투리) | Korean Dialect Special

  • Sabrina

    Thanks for this post! I am trying to undestand Busan dialect because of a movie called 바람 from 2009 that doesn't have english subtitles. Ah, 살아 있네 can be used to say that a person is great or awesome, or just with things? Thank you veeeery much for the content, hugs from Brazil!


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