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    S Reply

    Muchas gracias ☺️ por su tiempo para darnos estas clases 🙏🏻👀

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    Nick Reply

    Thank you for helped so much on this your Korea Billy and it was pretty awesome to learn it. You make me so amazed at you. Any times just make a lot of fun of your video and put more some additional creativity about your first in Korean. I have been litsnening for a long day to making Korean grammar and also your keykay that to speak with her a lot. Once more again I hope I can speaking Korean as a native speaker. These really helped to improve Korean grammar. I knew it it very difficult I hope I can try to be native speaker and just more practing a lot on these days hope its helpes me. Keep continuing posting more videos about Korean and you have to related story about you when you you live in korean on to the next lesson.

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