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    I started to Korean in 2015 I have been studying Korean by myself it was seriously difficult and it was really a tough day for me to learn of it so much well. At least I tried to speak Korean. I did a mistake to took too long times to talk Korean actually It doesn't work properly as well. I being like to this a lot cause language it's part of my life. I'm enjoying to learn it because language is very interesting and become more important in my life. What was difficult it there are many expressions that you have to know some soft of things maybe you could might also known as well Im pretty sure if you done finish learn just like Korean Billy you will awesome. Your Korean will really get full mark. Just trying making make some your own sentences just like me what I have been done it to learn Korean just really like very easiast and fastest education. Hopefully it helps me to improve a lot. I wanna going to my afford soon thank Korean Billy for sharing some soft of good things. I hope your so to be in well in many times and Im going to see on your next video.

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