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Learn Korean Ep. 102: Since doing (은/ㄴ지 되다)

Today's Episode: Jinyoung is still scared of Keykat, understandably after the last time they met. But can she avoid her and Billy at the arcade?

Hey everyone! 안녕! This is partially a beginner level lesson, but also an intermediate level lesson (sorta), and goes over a lot of information regarding how you can say "since doing." I wanted to cover this topic simply, so it took a while longer to make this video than I'd originally intended. If you have suggestions for future videos, be sure to let me know!

Remember that there are free extended PDFs available for every "Learn Korean" episode (at the bottom of each post) that contain additional information or examples not covered in the video. You can move through them at your own leisure, print them out and use them as a free workbook, or skim through them for a quick review before or after watching a "Learn Korean" lesson.

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