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Learn Korean Ep. 117: Bring and Take

Keykat and I are having a friendly bowling match, but for some reason I get the feeling Keykat is about to cheat again.

This lesson will teach how to say "bring" and "take." But this is more than just two words; you'll learn 가져가다, 가져오다, 데려가다, 데려오다, 가지고 가다, 가지고 오다, 갖고 가다, 갖고 오다, 데리고 가다, 데리고 오다, 갖다 주다, 갖다 드리다, and more.

Check out the full lesson here! And make sure to get the free PDF version at the bottom of this post.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Korean Ep. 117: Bring and Take

  • 로히트

    1 친구를 데려갔어요 _ I brought my friend
    2 누가 학교에 고양이를 데려왔어요- Someone brought a cat to school.

    Hi,Billy both of these sentences mean brought but why one use the verb 데리가다 and another use the verb 데리오다.

    • ~가다 means you're going somewhere else. ~오다 means you're coming here. The action is the same, but the direction is different. It's just like 가다 and 오다. Are you bringing your friend somewhere else, or here.


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