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Learn Korean Ep. 119: 채(로) “In the State Of”

For the first time, Keykat has actually volunteered to help me clean! I'm so shocked, I don't even know what she should help with. I guess she should be able to clean the ceiling lights?

It's time for a new "Learn Korean" episode! Let's learn about the grammar form 채(로).

채(로) is used to describe the current state of a noun, and it's used with an action verb. Essentially, it's using a verb to describe a noun.

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3 thoughts on “Learn Korean Ep. 119: 채(로) “In the State Of”

  • my examples:

    1.제가 오늘은 아침밥을 안 먹은 채로 학교에 갔어요.
    2. 옆집 사람이 바지와 셔츠를 안 입은 채로 운동을 해요. (ㅋㅋㅋ)
    3. 책을 읽은 채로 잠들었어요.
    4.음악을 듣는 채로 공부해요.
    5.재현 씨는 전화 한 채로 티켓을 사러 갔어요.

  • The ~은/ㄴ ending is past tense when used with action verbs, or present tense when used with descriptive verbs.

  • Hey Billy, I got to ask..
    You said the past tense.
    isn't 앉은, and 막은, present tense?


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