3 thoughts on “Learn Korean Ep. 67: 수록

  • Hi Billy, I’m sorry to bother you but I’d like to ask you to focus together on a phrase you used it here as example (maybe other users could have my doubt as well).

    이 과자를 먹으면 먹을 수록 엄마가 생각나요.
    “The more that I eat this candy, the more that I think of my mom.”

    I would have written/said: 이 과자를 먹으면 생각을 수록 엄마가 생각나요.

    I already know that probably my phrase is incorrect; however, I would like to understand why have I to use 먹을 수록 and not 생각을 수록, as the translation in english is “The more I eat, the more I THINK..”.

    I also apologize if I could have done some english mistakes: it is not my native language as well. However, I hope you got my question.

    Once again: thank you A LOT for your amazing lessons.

    • First of all, 생각(을) 하다 would become 생각할 수록 in that form. But if you used that, it would mean "the more I think about (something)..." and that (something) would be whatever comes *before* that verb, not after. So your sentence would be incorrect because it would mean "When I eat this snack/chips, the more I think about it, I think about my mom" which sounds a bit odd.

      • Thank you very much Billy. I really appreciate your kindness.


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