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Learn Korean Ep. 79: “Should Have”

Sometimes you need to be a bit creative to find things to do during a long, uneventful day. Keykat and I went to play at the park, but after going on the same slide over and over she started to feel a bit bored. I had a good idea to pass the time, so I thought. But Keykat didn't really like my idea.

This week's video is an intermediate level lesson, so I'd only recommend watching it if you feel comfortable with this level. It's a bit more difficult than beginning level concepts.

Remember that there are free PDFs available for every "Learn Korean" episode, and each contains additional information or examples not covered in the video.

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2 thoughts on “Learn Korean Ep. 79: “Should Have”

  • Joseph Capetillo

    Hey Billy,
    in the Advanced Notes section you reused the first example, but isn't it supposed to be the second example and read: "너도 파티에 갈 걸 그랬어"?
    -Joe (from GSM in Seoul)

    • Thanks for catching that! I'll update it right away.


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