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Learn Korean Ep. 88: “Try to…” and “Intend to…”

Keykat found a treasure map in a cabinet! We're going to follow it to see where it leads. I really wonder what it could contain.... Coins? Jewels? Or even... gold?

This episode will cover how to use the grammar form (으)려고 and 보다, which you can use to mean "to intend" and "to try" (as well as a few other things).

Remember that there are free extended PDFs available for every "Learn Korean" episode, and each contains additional information or examples not covered in the video.

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One thought on “Learn Korean Ep. 88: “Try to…” and “Intend to…”

  • Great video! Now after quite some time of seeing and hearing this form I understand what it means. Thank you for your effort.


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