Learn Korean with "Korean Made Simple"

The "Korean Made Simple" series is finally complete. Three textbooks, three workbooks, and audio files for all of them. To celebrate, I made a video showing off what you'll get when you order them.

You can check out my book, "Korean Made Simple" on Amazon here: (affiliate)

Or get your copy of the eBook from my web site (where you are now) here:

And you can download the free audio content from the books here:

2 thoughts on “Learn Korean with "Korean Made Simple"

  • Oliver

    Question. I have a keen interest in your textbooks, but will you also publish an extra Hanja (1848 educational Chinese characters)? Second question, for which level is your bookset intended for? It is clearly for beginners to what level ( compare Topik levels 1 to 6 or A1- C2 CEFR)? Thank you for your reply.

    • Billy

      I don't have any plans for a Hanja book right now. For your 2nd question, my books are designed to help learners use real Korean, and are not designed to match the TOPIK tests. As for CEFR, it would depend on how much a learner practices using what they're learning, as someone could simply read the books or study them and practice them daily. The 3rd book enters intermediate (and even a bit of advanced) level, so if someone were to memorize the grammar and practice everything on their own such as with pen pals, they'd likely be at a conversational level. That would be somewhere around B1, or perhaps B2, but it really depends a lot on how much outside practice someone is doing.


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