Master Politeness Levels

Master Politeness Levels with Billy Go | #1: Course Introduction

Ever since finishing my "Beginner Korean Course" last year, I've wanted to make another free course that was for Intermediate and Advanced level learners to help enhance their speaking skills. And in my opinion, the most difficult and time-consuming piece of the Korean language, that especially effects those learners are Politeness Levels. Politeness Levels can take years to master, as they do for native Korean speakers, and are a deep topic that I haven't seen covered in detail anywhere else.

So today is the first episode of this series. The entire series will have 24 episodes, and I'll post one new episode each week as my schedule permits. However, if you're one of the Members of my YouTube channel you can actually watch several more episodes in advance right now, with plans to have the whole series visible to Members before the end of May. This is just an extra benefit to those who are supporting me, but the entire series will be completely free once it's uploaded to my channel.

So check it out here~! The first episode is now on my YouTube channel, and the next one will be up next week.

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