Master Politeness Levels

Master Politeness Levels with Billy Go | #2: Intro to Politeness Levels

Check out the newest episode of my course, "Master Politeness Levels." In this lesson you'll get an overview of politeness levels, and learn why they're so important.

Every week I'll upload a new episode of this course. There will be a total of 24 episodes once it's completed.

If you're a Member of my YouTube channel you can (as of today) watch up to Lesson 11 of this course too, with more on the way soon.

3 thoughts on “Master Politeness Levels with Billy Go | #2: Intro to Politeness Levels

  • hey!
    Quick question, sorry if you say in a later lesson and I'm jumping ahead! I practice Korean by keeping a journal entirely in Korean. I don't really know what form to use and typically use whatever form I feel (what needs practice, just my general mood, whatever). I'm wondering, what form would someone typically write a personal journal in?

    • Yes, that's covered later in this series. But you can also search "Plain Form" on my channel to learn more about it.

      • Thanks, sorry for getting ahead! Thanks for making a whole series on this, I get politeness levels mixed all the time!


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