My new book “Korean Reading Made Simple” is now available

It's here! Practice your Korean reading through 21 natural exercises, and study new concepts and vocabulary through the included translations and grammar explanations. For those of you who've wanted something above the beginner level, this is it. If you're at least low-intermediate or higher, then this book is for you.

All of the 21 resources are completely native-level (nothing has been watered down for learners), and they come together with grammar explanations and vocabulary definitions so that you can follow along and understand what you're reading.

Although the majority of the writing was completed within the past 5 months, this is a project I've been working on since 2017. I've always wanted to make a reading book, because there just isn't enough out there for intermediate learners and advanced learners to improve their Korean outside of diving into native level resources. Most readers are for beginners and only come with vocabulary lists, or they're native level and only come with translations. I wanted to start something new with this book, and hopefully if the response is good I'd like to make more books in this series.

4 thoughts on “My new book “Korean Reading Made Simple” is now available

  • Michell

    Put this on my Christmas list and “Santa” delivered! Enjoying the antics of 해남 김 토끼 가족👍
    Joined as one of your Patreon supporters to show my appreciation for all you do and for the benefit of other students!

    • Glad you like it, and thanks~!

  • Reinhilde Alaert

    Dear Billy Go.
    Bought the book just recently and as a ‘low’ intermediate I enjoy it sooooo much!! It is fun reading first and trying without translation. Then the detailed explanation helps to grasp the way Koreans speak. Love the diversity in content too.

    Just wondering if you have mp3 files for this book? That would help even more.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful study material you provide us with.
    It’s a joy studying with you and Keykat. 🐻🤩💐
    Kind regards, Reinhilde

    • Thanks for your support! And yes, you can download audio files right from this web site. Check out the right side of the screen for the audio files for Korean Made Simple 😀


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