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Question Words (뭐, 누구/누가, 어디, 언제, 어떻게, 무슨, 어떤) | Live Class Abridged

This was a beginner level live stream about question words. What are question words? Things like "who," "what," and "where" in English are question words. In Korean, these are 뭐, 누구 or 누가, 어디, 언제, 어떻게, 무슨, 어떤, and others.

I explained all of the most common question words in the full live stream (which you can find along with all of the live streams on my channel), but here's a much shorter version that you can watch and still absorb the bulk of it.

Also, here's a link to find all of the current live streams I've done so far.

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