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Why You Shouldn’t Make a New Year's Resolution to Learn Korean

It's that time of the year again - New Year's resolutions.

But I think that you should be careful when setting a New Year's resolution to learn Korean. Before you do that, think about these things:

  • Why do you want to set a New Year's goal to learn Korean? Why can't it be a regular daily goal?
  • Why wait until the New Year to start? Why not start now?
  • Why announce this New Year's resolution to learn Korean? Why not keep it secret?
  • Why call it a "New Year's resolution" if it will take more than only 1 year? Why not just call it a "study goal" instead?

In my video I'll cover all of these topics, and more. I also did research when making this video and include a few important studies to consider before you set your goal as learning Korean.

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