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Textbook Korean vs Real Korean (feat. Your Korean Saem) | Comedy Skit

Typically when you learn Korean for the first time, it will be through structured lessons and grammar explanations. This is normal, since you'll be able to quickly pick up lots of phrases and useful grammar in a short amount of time. However, eventually you'll need to start hearing real Korean and practicing speaking Korean in real situations in order to get better. This is where you might come across what's known as "textbook Korean" versus "real Korean." We wanted to show how some Korean you learn might not always be the most natural Korean in a situation, through a comedy video. Keep in mind this is a comedy skit, so take this all with a grain of salt.

Special thanks to "Your Korean Saem" for appearing! Check her channel out in the video description.

2 thoughts on “Textbook Korean vs Real Korean (feat. Your Korean Saem) | Comedy Skit

  • Christine Kim

    Omg I loved this! The death stare had me rolling!

  • Crystal

    The Death stare 😂


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