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The Many, Many Ways to Say “RICE” | Korean FAQ

"Rice" is a word that might be difficult to translate into Korean, only because there are so many different ways to translate it depending on what type of rice you mean. For example, you might call uncooked rice 쌀, and cooked rice 밥, and different words for different types of rice. Here are all of the most important ones I've found, and which you should definitely learn.

2 thoughts on “The Many, Many Ways to Say “RICE” | Korean FAQ

  • Just a coincidence probably, unless more research comes out. There are a lot of coincidences like that between Korean and many other languages. I always thought it was funny that the word "apple" was 사과, and "apologize" is 사과(를) 하다 😀

  • Archi Rudra

    This is amazing. In Bengali, the word for cooked rice is bhat (pronounced like bhap, with a soft t at the end), the word for uncooked rice is chaal (instead of ssal) and we do say bhat khabo (eat rice) for eating a meal. That last might just be because both are rice eating societies. But the phonetic similarities are amazing.


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