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Tips for Raising a Bilingual Kid (feat. Hyunwoo) | A Glass with Billy

Are you trying to raise your kid to speak Korean, and wondering how to do it? This video was especially made for people who aren't currently living in Korea, and who are wondering if it's possible for their kid to learn Korean outside of Korea.

In my situation, my kid is almost 4 years old and is bilingual in both English and Korean. We do this in a number of ways, which I explain in the video. Hyunwoo is in the reverse situation as myself - he lives in Korea and is married to a Korean, but his kids are also bilingual in English and Korean. The methods we're using are different, but some of the core methods we have are the same.

We share both of our methods in this video, and our thoughts on the process of raising a kid to be bilingual.

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